Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans – Geelong

Do you have the correct finance structure to maximise investment opportunities?

GFG has access to many lenders and ensures that the task of obtaining your investment property loan remains stress free, quick and easy to understand. We work closely with our clients to ensure that suitable options are presented, and continue to provide quality service and products for the life of the loan.

Why is GFG a preferred residential and investment property financier?

  • GFG is accredited with over 35 investment property lenders.
  • GFG has access to high LVR loans, along with full doc, lo doc and no doc lending.
  • GFG directly liaise with the clients accountant and solicitor as an integral part of the GFG process so that asset protection and tax effective structures are assured.
  • The GFG Residential & Investment Property Loans team is highly skilled and experienced in lending. We are also active investors ourselves.
  • GFG assures maximum service to obtain the best results for all its clients – an assurance that has been established over time and that will continue into the future.
  • GFG is able to negotiate discounted rates up to 1% off standard variable rates for suitable applicants.
  • GFG has developed strong links at bank branch level to facilitate quality ongoing service and support.
  • GFG Residential & Investment Property Loans offers clients ongoing service at NO cost to the client.

Download a copy of our free eBook about the essentials of property investment. Our finance experts will also help with share investments, general insurance and any of your home loan enquiries. Contact us to discuss your needs in Geelong & The Surfcoast.

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