At Geelong Financial Group, our aim is to arm our clients with the tools and education they need to grow financially and create wealth. Come along to one of our regular free education sessions, or access some of our online calculators below.

Borrowing Power Calculator – How much can you afford to borrow?

Income Annualisation Calculator – Work out your annual income from income you earned in part of the year

Extra Repayments Calculator – Even an extra $10 a week can have a big impact on your interest costs over the life of your loan

Budget Planner – Work out your monthly income and expenses

Stamp Duty Calculator – Work out how much stamp duty will cost you on your purchase

Income Tax Calculator – Work out your net income based on your gross salary, or vice versa

Property Buying Cost Calculator – Add up the costs of your property purchase (check out our Stamp Duty Calculator first)

Property Selling Cost Calculator – Calculate Real Estate Agent costs, lender fees & other costs

Home Loan Offset Calculator – Save on interest by offsetting your home loan with your savings

How Long to Repay Calculator – Plan out how long it will take to repay your home loan based on your repayments and interest rates.

Saving Calculator – See how much you can save with our saving calculator

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Loan Comparison Calculator – Compare two different loan products to see the difference in overall cost

Leasing Calculator – Calculate the monthly payment or the actual interest for a lease

Comparison Rate Calculator – Find out which loan will be the best for your budget in the long run

Interest-only Mortgage Calculator – Calculate the repayments total cost of an interest-only loan

Introductory Rate Loan Calculator – Work out the total interest payable for your introductory rate loan

Lump Sum Repayment Calculator – How much interest can you save by paying a lump sum off your loan?

Split Loan Calculator –  Our Split Loan Calculator helps you work out the different options for splitting your home loan

Income Gross-Up Calculator – Calculate net income based on gross income

Mortgage Switching Calculator – Work out how much money you could save by switching to another mortgage

Rent vs Buy Calculator – Calculate whether you would be better off renting or buying depending on your financial position

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Contact us to discuss our Geelong financial services. We value client feedback, so let us know if you found our tools and educational sessions helpful.

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